Solano County Courthouse

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580 West Texas Street
Fairfield, CA 94533
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E.C. Hemmings and William A. Jones of Vallejo prepared plans for the Solano County Courthouse in 1911 after having won a competition for the rights to design the project. The new courthouse was estimated to cost $350,000.

In the  Nov.1909 -Jan. 1910 edition of  Architect & Engineer of California and the Pacific Coast it lists Hemmings and Jones as the designers, although Hemmings  is usually the only one given architectural credit. What is more likely is that Hemmings and Jones designed and constructed this project together. The courthouse represents the first known pairing of the duo as they would go on to design and construct the First Baptist Church of Vallejo a decade later.

The courthouse is featured prominently in the  July- Dec. 1917 edition of  Architect & Engineer of California and the Pacific Coast article Recent Work of Mr. E.C. Hemmings.

This courthouse is an outstanding example of Beaux Arts architecture and is part of the Central Solano County Heritage Commission’s inventory of “Lasting Heritage” buildings. It is currently under renovation.



Posted: May 9, 1911


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