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2025 Sonoma Boulevard
Vallejo, California 94590
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E.C. Hemmings and William A. Jones of Vallejo began preparing plans for the First Baptist Church of Vallejo sometime in 1920. In the July-December 1920  Issue of Western Architect and Engineer  it was stated that the plans for the edifice would cost $60,000. Design started in 1920 and construction finished sometime in 1924 – 25.

Jones, a member of the congregation, is considered Vallejo’s most prolific architect.  He is responsible for several Vallejo city landmarks which is why he is  mostly associated as the Architect of the church while Hemmings is generally listed as the builder.

This may not be totally accurate. Their professional relationship seems to have began a decade earlier as the duo teamed up to design and build the Solano County courthouse in Fairlfield, California. For that project Hemmings seems to be most identified as the Architect in association with Jones. Hemmings was an architect like Jones in his own right and not a contractor or “builder” as sometimes listed for this structure.  What is more likely is that Jones and Hemmings designed and constructed this project together just as they had a decade earlier with the Solano Courthouse.

This church was one of many recently featured in Comstocks Magazine:



Posted: May 9, 1923


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